S1 Pearl WhiteFor Watersports


A lightweight, low-profile helmet engineered specifically for the safety of Watersports enthusiasts. The S1’s technically advanced design provides high-level impact protection with optimum aquadynamic performance.


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Dive Into the S1 

SIMBA’s S1 provides full head coverage without compromising freedom of underwater movement. Weighing in at just 372 grams the S1 is one of the lightest Watersports helmets available.

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◉ Impact Resistant Shell

Engineered to protect all areas of the head specific to Watersports injuries.

◉ Low-Profile Shell & Cut-Out

Minimum water drag and optimum peripheral vision.

◉ Advanced Ear Protection System

Aids in the prevention of Surfer's Ear and perforated ear drums.

◉ Low-Profile Chinstrap

Secure, comfortable positioning using non-corrosive materials.

◉ Removable Halofit Pads™

Allows for custom sizing.

◉ Innovative Layer-Tech Padding

For extra protection and interior impact absorption.

◉ Interior Padding Channel Design

Allows water to quickly drain out after submersion.

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